Final Fantasy XIV Previews Company Housing for Update 2.1

| 27 Nov 2013 19:56
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The new update coming soon for Final Fantasy XIV includes housing for Free Companies. Square Enix has offered details on the process for getting the land and getting started.

A big part of many newer MMO is player housing. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be adding that little perk in its upcoming 2.1 update, with a small hitch: It isn;t for individual players, but for their friends and associates who are part of their Free Company.

The process begins when the company achieves a high enough rank to get a land acquisition document. Then the company must scout out potential locations in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah. The housing area in each city will have three separate entrances.

The land will be sold at auction. Unowned plots available for purchase will have placard posted for players to look at. However, only free company members with high enough standing can make a bid on the land. Right now, Square Enix is limiting companies to one purchase, but additional plots can be added in a future update.

Once a plot is won at auction, the company can then get a house permit and begin building. Each plot of land will require specific permits that can be purchased from vendor NPCs. The roof, exterior walls, windows and doors can be customized to the company's liking, then furnishing can be added, both indoors and outdoors in the garden. There will be a separate interface that allows the company's players to position furniture and essentials however they likes

At a later date, Square is planning to add options where the company can build a crafting workshop where players can build vehicles such as airships, an orchestrion to change the music played inside houses, a chocobo stable to raise chocobos, mannequins that can be dressed with player gear, and a bulletin board that can be place inside the house for communication among members of the company.

Patch 2.1 has already been delayed longer than expected because of the need to fix must of the congestion problems created when the game relaunched. The patch was supposed have been out this month, but producer Naoki Yoshiida said the patch is about four weeks behind schedule.

Source: Official Final Fantasy XIV site

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