Eldevin Will Launch This Weekend

| 28 Nov 2013 02:15
Eldevin Screen

Hunted Cow Studios will launch Eldevin at 9AM EST on Saturday, November 30th.

Eldevin, Hunted Cow Studios' free-to-play, browser based MMORPG will launch this Saturday, bringing with it an experience that the development team hopes will "be the biggest 3D MMO in browsers." The game, which will boast "hundreds of hours of content," has been in the works for a whopping eight years, during which Hunted Cow self-funded its efforts.

The sum result of the efforts will be a game boasting real-time combat, 14 professions, some 300 talents and abilities, group dungeons and PvP matches. Players will also be able to choose from one of six unique roles and should have no trouble player in most browsers running on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Eldevin will launch at 9AM EST on November 30th. Until then potential players hoping to snag Founders Packs and all the accompanying goodies can still do so up until midnight on November 29th. Whether or not the game will be able to claim the prize of "biggest" browser MMO is yet to be seen. That said, we're definitely looking forward to the game's official launch so we can see what Hunted Cow's final version for its game really looks like.


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