League of Legends Mixes With Final Fantasy in JRPG Mock-Up

| 29 Nov 2013 13:15
League of Legends JRPG

YouTube user Pato Papão has produced a video envisioning League of Legends as a wonderfully retro JRPG.

I will admit to not being the biggest League of Legends fan. That's not by any means meant to be a knock on the game. Just based on its countless fans and fairly massive success, I think we can safely say that, in the least, it's an entertaining experience. That said, it's just never struck my fancy before now.

You see, I may not be a tremendous follower of LoL but I was, in my day, quite the Final Fantasy aficionado. That in mind, a recent video produced by Brazilian YouTuber Pato Papão transforming League of Legends into a turn-based RPG, a la a PS1 era Final Fantasy, game hit the perfect personal chord to grab my attention.

The video, which times in at just under four minutes in length, drops the characters Riven, Soraka, Veiger and Jayce into an active time, turn-based battle against a red, demon horned baddie whom I admittedly don't know the name of. What really seals the deal in this video however, are the myriad of little touches Papão included. The classic music, the imitation interface drawn straight from the old games, the sounds that accompany selecting fight options; League of Legends content aside, it's quite the nostalgic trip.

Sadly, it's only a YouTube video that, while fun for its duration, is over quickly and very unlikely to be followed up by anything tangible. Nonetheless, it's always neat to see what fans can produce with a bit of time and dedication. Here's hoping we'll see more like it in the future.

Source: YouTube

League Of Legends

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