Marvel Heroes Adds Gambit

| 29 Nov 2013 14:40
Marvel Heroes Gambit

Marvel Heroes has added Gambit as a new playable champion that can be purchased from the game's website and in-game store.

Gazillion's superhero-centric MOBA Marvel Heroes recently added a touch of Cajun charm to its roster. This, of course, comes in the form of X-Men alumni and card trick extraordinaire Gambit, who can now be unlocked either by purchasing the Gambit Hero Pack from the Marvel Heroes website or by unlocking him through the in-game store. Gambit will cost 1800 Gs or 400 Eternity Splinters, if you have them.

Based on a video released showcasing Gambit in action, his character seems to have a nice range of melee and ranged strikes. Likewise, and probably to the delight of X-fans everywhere, he also comes packaged with both a modern era costume and a classic uniform taken straight from his early days in the 1990s comics and cartoon show.

The addition of Gambit brings the ever expanding cast of Marvel Heroes up to 28. He also represents the seventh mutant character to join the game's roster. Even if he weren't something of a fan favorite he would, of course, be a welcome addition. That said, the extra love many have for the character however, arguably only sweetens his arrival. For more information regarding Marvel Heroes and Gambit, head over to the game's official website.

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Marvel Heroes

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