Guild Wars 2 Prepping Changes to World XP System

| 2 Dec 2013 11:23
Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault

Going forward World XP in Guild Wars 2 will be account rather than character-based.

ArenaNet, the studio behind Guild Wars 2, has revealed that it will be implementing some changes to the game's World XP system. In the past World XP existed to "create a sense of character progression" in WvW action. "We wanted to reward people who put time into WvW by increasing the tools available to their characters," said ArenaNet's Devon Carver. The studio, in turn, considers the current system "a great success". Not content it rest on its laurels however, the development team has revealed that it will be making a significant change to World XP.

"We're making World XP account-bound," said Carver. Whereas in the past XP gained from participation in World events had been restricted to the involved character, ArenaNet plans for World XP to be pooled in a player's account going forward so it can benefit all of their characters. "World XP was initially conceived of as a system that would provide depth to characters in WvW while also providing reasonably achievable goals that kept you interested in playing and earning ranks," explained Carver. "That led us to the decision that World XP would be tied to the character that earned it in WvW. By tying the XP and ranks to the individual characters, we had a WvW system that closely mirrored our PvE XP."

The company hopse with the new change that it will be "providing much more value across all characters on an account" while still fostering "that sense of uniqueness" that comes with different characters." Players can expect this alteration to take place sometime in the future. "We will be building this change into the public test that [[we are currently holding/ will begin soon]] to test out the newest WvW map, the Edge of the Mists," said Carver. "We want to get this change out to everyone in a timely manner, but it's a complicated change that we want to test thoroughly before releasing. This system has a lot of interconnected parts, and we want to put it to use on a large scale to ensure that everything works as planned. The sheer number of people involved should allow us to test this change in-depth before putting it into the live game." More information regarding the promised changes can be found at the official Guild Wars 2 website.

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