MechWarrior Online Sale Includes Limited Edition Mech Packages

| 2 Dec 2013 18:10
Mechwarrior Online Saber Reinforcement Package

MechWarrior Online is selling a limited edition Saber Reinforcement Package as part of its ongoing Black Friday sale.

Black Friday has come and gone but the sales, like so many Thanksgiving leftovers, still linger. MechWarrior Online for instance, is still in the midst of a sale that will end tomorrow on Tuesday, December 3rd.

For instance, players looking to stock up on in-game currency can currently take advantage of a 20 percent bonus on the game's MC packages. These bonuses run the gamut from big to small depending on which package you invest in. In example, the $6.95 package, which usually nets players 1,250 MCs, will come an extra 250 MCs for the duration of the sale. Likewise, the top end $99.95 package will come with an extra 5000 MCs.

Perhaps even better than a mere currency bonus however, is the Saber Reinforcement Package being featured as a part of the sale. For a mere $30, players can pick up the prime versions of the GRF-1N Griffin and WVR-6R Wolverine mechs, along with four variants. According to the game's Black Friday ad, the package is being permanently discontinued following the end of the sale tomorrow. In other words, if you're a fan of robots blowing each other up (which you honestly should be), you may want to stop by MechWarrior Online's website before 10AM PST on December 3rd.

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