Eldevin Devs Celebrate Launch With New Trailer

| 2 Dec 2013 20:13

Eldevin launched on November 30th and a new a trailer was released with it to showcase the game.

Eldevin launched this past Saturday, bringing to eight years of hard work and dreams from its creators at Hunted Cow Studios. With the game now live and playable in browsers, the developers have opted to celebrate by putting together a new trailer that was released alongside the game.

The trailer works to highlight several of the game's arguably more impressive features. Namely, it boasts about its nature as a browser-based game, its extensive collection of quests (numbering over a 1000), skill and profession systems and the numerous abilities that players can learn and master during the course of their experience with the game. It also takes some time to shed light on more extraneous options like the ability to "collect and display vanity items, emotes and pets." PvP is also, not unexpectedly, shown off.

All in all, the trailer does a fairly good job of selling the game. Granted, Eldevin, being a title steeped in heroic fantasy, isn't the most original thing we've seen from the MMORPG genre. Likewise, it's not going to impress anyone with its visuals. That being the case, it still looks like a decently deep game that should be largely accessible by most gamers in no small part because of its lower fidelity. With the game now live and free-to-play, we may just give it a try ourselves.

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