Lineage II's Valiance Expansion Will Launch Next Week

| 2 Dec 2013 21:20
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Lineage II's Valiance expansion will launch on December 11th.

Fans of Lineage II will be in for a treat next week. NCSoft, the publisher behind the game, revealed today that its anticipated Valiance expansion will be seeing its release on December 11th. The Valiance expansion will do the double duty of launching a new plot line that will "[wreak] havoc on the lands" while also introducing a collection of new content and upgrades aimed at keeping its experience relevant and entertaining for its fan base.

Among changes like the return of major bosses and the reintroduction of a once prolific hunting area, players will be privy to be a variety of "adjustments" that should bring improvements great and small to the game's experience. Among these will be a new ability system, a new build of the game's skills system, a revamped fishing mechanic, changes to Epic Dragon Raid bosses and new bosses for the 88 to 98 level tier. The expansion will also bring new a Raid Boss Summoning system and new Clan Halls as well, in addition to other alterations.

The Valiance expansion, of course, won't be the only new content coming to the Lineage II in the future. It was announced back in November that the game's developers also have a new race, the Ertheia, in the works. Between that and all the other upcoming planned content, it looks like Lineage II players will shortly be a busy bunch.

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