Star Trek Online Add New "Gingerbread Colony" For the Holidays

| 3 Dec 2013 12:10
Star Trek Online Gingerbread Colony

Star Trek Online players will be able to access a new gingerbread colony via Q's Winter Wonderland starting December 5th.

Demonstrating that even the furthest reaches of the galaxy can't escape the horrors of the holiday season, Star Trek Online has announced the return of Q's Winter Wonderland. Beginning on December 5th and last until January 16th, players interested in visiting the Wonderland can visit the Q on Qo'Nos, Earth Spacedock or New Romulus Command. Upon speaking to Q, players will then have the option to be transported to the Winter Wonderland where they'll be able to partake in a variety of winter and Christmas activities.

The Christmas portion will come in the form of a new "gingerbread colony" where users will do battle with "legions of animated snowmen." With phasers and disruptors disabled, they'll have only snowballs and "snowball weapons" to deal with these frosty foes. The gingerbread colony will also be only the slippery side, which should lead to some amusing spills before the Winter Wonderland closes down in January. Players will also be able to rescue helpless gingerbread men, eat candy to gain an energy boost and take on a Yeti in epic Christmas combat.

This "Winter Invasion" content will be cross-faction and, according to the developers, appropriate for players level 10 and up. Players who opt to participate will stand to gain access to "amazing prizes" and will also have a chance to find a special Winter Holiday Recipe. The Recipe, in turn can be traded to gain access to a special mission that will earn you holiday food, commodities and costumes. Players can also expect the return of Winter Wonderland activities from previous years including races, snowmen fights and hidden "accolades" that can be found around the map. For more information regarding this year's Winter Wonderland content, visit the official announcement at the Star Trek Online website.

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