The Elder Scrolls Online Showcases Character Progression in New Video

| 3 Dec 2013 19:16

A new video released by Zenimax Online discusses how character's skills and abilities will progress in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Zenimax Online has gone to pains to keep prospective players of The Elder Scrolls Online in the know as to what the game will contain and how its mechanics will play out. That being the case, the developer has now turned the spotlight toward character progression with a new video detailing how it will work in the new MMORPG.

According to lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle, ESO, above all else, will aim to maintain the long range of options that players have come to expect from Elder Scrolls titles. "Elder Scrolls games have always had very open ended [character] progression systems and this one's no different," he affirmed. "There's a huge number of choices and you can choose to focus on."

There will be some differences, however, in how progression plays out based on these choices. The game's skills, when used frequently by a player, will grow in strength much akin to how franchise veterans would expect. That being the case, the game will be implementing new "morph" options that players can use to differentiate these skills as they grow in power. For instance, a healing skill showcased in the video can be permanently altered in one of two ways as it becomes stronger, depending on which direction the player opts to take it. Likewise, characters will also be privy to new "ultimate abilities" that they'll be able to use to devastating effect once they're mastered.

Players can also expect their characters to gain access to unique skill lines depending on choices they make both in-game and during character creation. "There are two decisions you'll make at character creation that will affect the skill lines you have as you progress your character further, [race and class]," said Konkle. A character's race will color their affinity to certain abilities, while their class will open up skill lines that might otherwise not be available to other characters. Likewise, joining guilds and taking on physical characteristics like lycanthropy will also open up new skill lines.

Players will be able to advance their skills and abilities through means both new and familiar. Gaining experience and leveling up, for instance, will largely be identical to how they were in other Elder Scrolls titles. That being the case, players will also be able to advance skills by finding collectible "skyshards" or by taking on special quests that reward them with stat boosts. For more information regarding the specifics of this, we urge you to watch the video for yourself or visit the official website for The Elder Scrolls Online.

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