WildStar Reveals the Medic, a hybrid healer/DPS class

| 4 Dec 2013 16:00
WildStar Medic 2

Can't choose between healing and DPSing? WildStar's got you covered.

WildStar fans have had a pretty awesome few weeks. In addition to announcing that winter beta is right around the corner, the Super Class Drop has been giving fans plenty of new information to pore over. Though the last four class drops have been very exciting and debuted lots of new information, this week's reveal definitely takes the cake. Carbine (finally!) released the Medic, a mid-range healer/DPS class that focuses on bolstering allies and hindering foes.

Using the marvels of futuristic science, the Medic can create healing stations, attach probes to allies and enemies, and blast areas with plasma to heal allies and harm foes, often doing both at the same time. The Medic uses Resonators, which are similar to large CPR paddles that blast electricity. The available races for Medic include the Mordesh and Granok on the Exiles, and the Mechari on the Dominion. Medics are also playable by Humans on both factions. The Medic also wears medium armor, making her the only healer in the game with moderate defenses, and giving the class a much different play style than either the Spellslinger or the Esper.

The differences between the Medic and other healing classes in WildStar go deeper than armor, however. Rather than sitting in the back and ensuring that everyone remains at full, the Medic is up near the front lines of combat during even the most intense battles.

Medics also differ from other healers in that they don't focus on individual, targeted heals. Instead, they make liberal use of the telegraph system, placing stations on the battlefield that can heal allies or damage enemies. The Medic comes equipped with a whole mess of interesting telegraphs, including cones, diamonds, and at least one giant medic cross. The Medic focuses on large area effects, persistent healing, and channeled abilities. One example of an iconic Medic ability is the Repair Station, which drops a physical healing station into the game space that will heal the first ally who walks into it. The Medic's stations will provide very powerful healing, but require intelligent (or at least primitive) coordination between the Medic and her allies.


The Medic's primary resource is four Power Cores that are consumed to charge the Medic's more powerful abilities. Power Cores can be recharged slowly by using the Medic's basic attacks and heals, or quickly while out of combat. The Medic can also quickly charge up their Power Cores by activating her innate ability, Energize. When Energize is activated, the Medic receives a damage and healing buff, and all of its abilities are free to cast, allowing the class to go on a rampage death and destruction, as well as healing. Healing Medics will also use a secondary resource called Focus that all healers will need to coordinate around, preventing them from reaching the 'infinite point', where their abilities cost less resources than they regenerate in a given period. Though the devs didn't get into too much detail regarding how this resource will work, I will be looking into it further during my beta play through later this week.

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