WildStar Reveals the Medic, a hybrid healer/DPS class

| 4 Dec 2013 16:00
WildStar Medic

The Medic will also use probes, which are small spheres that orbit around allies or enemies, providing persistent effects over time. The Medic can choose to allow these effects to persist over longer periods of time, or to detonate them early, resulting in a more powerful immediate effect. This gives Medics the option to 'pop' their probes as necessary or later on to optimize efficiency.

Despite the name, the Medic is far from just a healer. While even a healing spec'd Medic does a fair amount of damage in any given fight, a damage spec'd Medic is a terror to behold. Specializing in control and sustained damage, Medics can create AoE fields that debuff enemies while also dealing damage over time.

DPS Medics will also feature the close-range combat that their healing counterparts use, moving in and out of melee range to cast powerful channeled field effects, but dodging away during enemy attacks. One interesting DPS ability that Medics have that the devs were willing to share is Annihilation. A multi-tap ability, Annihilation creates four separate waves (one per button press) in front of the Medic that blast forward and deal damage to all enemies they encounter. Whether they be lined up in quick succession, or spread out to blast different groups of foes, Annihilation exemplifies the kind of effects that DPS Medics will have access to.

The Medic is far and away the most high-tech of all the classes in WildStar. While the Engineer is obviously a tech-heavy class, their technology is much more akin to a chop shop, 'made-it-myself' type of tech. The Medic, on the other hand, has a 'robots do it all for me' type of high tech. With whirring probes, lasers, electricity, and plasma weapons, a Medic on a killing spree looks a little bit like a light show at an rock concert.

The Medic is not a class for the faint of heart. Because it has limited direct damage and healing, its skill cap is much higher than other classes for either of its roles. Maximizing the potential for the Medic will require teamwork, coordination, and an understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the game. To offset the increased challenge, however, the Medic is one of the most rewarding classes in the game if utilized properly. Because so many of her abilities target areas and persist over time, the Medic can singlehandedly heal many allies at the same time, and heal for much higher amounts than targeted or aimed heals.


The Medic definitely looks like an impressive class. Players looking to challenge themselves and make a big impact on their group should definitely give the Medic a deeper look, as it promises to be a highly rewarding class with a very unique play style. Combining damage and healing in a flowing mix, the Medic is the perfect class for grizzled MMO healers and new players looking to step up their game. For a closer look at the Medic, check out the Dev Speak video below. Or, if you're really starting to get that WildStar craving, check out my recent article about some of my favorite features coming to the game.

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