Arcane Saga Online Shutting Down

| 4 Dec 2013 10:34

Arcane Saga Online, formerly known as Prius Online, will be shutting its doors on December 17th.

The MMORPG scene is arguably one of the most competitive in the gaming industry, pitting developers in an ongoing battle to not just attract players, but keep them playing for months, if not years. With a limited pool of people willing to spend their time and money in an online experience, the closure of a game is, in turn, an all too common occurrence.

Sadly, gamers can now add another entry to the list of market casualties. Arcane Saga Online, formerly known as Prius Online, will be shutting down on December 17th after a five-year run. Players who return to the game right now will discover that its character creation tools and cash shop have both been disabled to dissuade new players and stop current fans from spending money on a game that soon won't exist.

While there has been no confirmation as to why its developers at Netmarble have decided to shutter the game, speculation would the blame its closure on declining profits as well as the studio's increasing focus on the mobile market. No matter the reason for its shutdown, we can't help but be sad to see it go. You don't survive for five years as an MMO without some fans, and we can only imagine that its player base isn't the happiest at the moment.

Source: MMOSite

Arcane Saga Online

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