RuneScape 3 Charity Drive Raises $90,000

| 4 Dec 2013 16:51
RuneScape 3 Well of Goodwill

After a month of donations RuneScape 3's Well of Goodwill collected 544 billion coins and raised more than $90,000.

You may recall back at the beginning of November when RuneScape 3-developer Jagex launched the Well of Goodwill charity drive, challenging players to donate their in-game gold which would then be matched by the studio with real world dollars. After a month of virtual donations the tally is in and we think we can safely say that the Well of Goodwill was a success.

While it failed to reach its upward goal of 1 trillion gold coins, the drive nonetheless managed to collect a whopping a 544 billion units of in-game cash, which Jagex matched with $54,479 of real donations. Perhaps even more impressive however are the additional 7,000 plus Bonds that players gave. Bonds are a recently implemented, trade-able good that players can buy with real money and then trade in for in-game gold and play time. The donated Bonds were worth another $36,359, bringing the total funds raised up to $90,838.

According to Jagex, the money will be split up and given to seven charities including the Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, Action For Kids, Games Aid, Internet Watch Foundation, HART and the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal. "The scale of your response was spectacular and deeply moving," said Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. "[It] just goes to again validate what I've always believed in: that the RuneScape Community is as warm, generous and big-hearted as ever." Based on the positive response it received, the studio has decided to leave the Well of Goodwill in the game as a permanent fixture to allows it players continued opportunities to put their gold to good use.

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RuneScape 3

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