Guild Wars 2 Announces Return of Wintersday Festival

| 4 Dec 2013 20:10
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday

Guild Wars 2's Wintersday event will launch on December 10th.

If you really think about it, winter is kind of like a karmic payment for the pleasantries of the less frigid parts of the year. It's almost as if mother nature has a set of scales that require us to endure months of cold, darkness and Christmas music in order to balance out the warm weather, barbecues and pumpkin spice lattes that permeate the other seasons.

Despite its inherent lameness however, videogames are often able to take the crappy concept of winter and use it as fodder for fun. Take Guild Wars 2. Temperatures may dropping but its developers at ArenaNet are intent on spreading a bit of wintery, holiday cheer with the return of its Wintersday event. The six-week winter festival will allow players to enter Toymaker Tixx's workshop where they'll "corral mischievous toys." They'll also be able to partake in the "multi-path Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle" which will be "full of beautiful delights and death-defying challenges."

Players will also be able tackle Tyria's Bell Choir challenge, defend the noble cause of present giving in the Toypocalypse activity and participate in competitive snowball fights. The festivities are set to begin on December 10th, and will come in tow with other new features and a fresh balance patch, the contents of which you can view here.

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Guild Wars 2

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