Allods Online Winds of Change Expansion Goes Live

| 6 Dec 2013 12:30
Allods Online

Allods Online's Winds of Change expansion will completely revamp the game's Dominion area.

Allods Online, Atrum Nival's fantasy MMORPG, grew a bit bigger today thanks to the release of its new expansion, Winds of Change. Players who log on to the game after updating with the new content will discover that several prominent features have been redesigned.

Most notably, the game's Dominion landscape has been almost completely revamped with many of its being sectors erased and rebuilt to allow for better balancing. "The old Dominion lacked proper balance and only large powerful guilds were able to progress on the map," said the studio. In the rebuilt Dominion "battles will become more random, guilds won't be able to use unfair strategies to avoid fighting, or benefit by simply being at the right place at the right moment."

In addition to the redone Dominion, players will now be able to play through a new PvP event the development team has dubbed "Scarlet Bastion." In a "Scarlet Bastion" event, up to 30 players with "differing levels of equipment" will fight each other in a team-based bout. One team will be comprised of 6 players with good gear while the other will have 24 with lesser gear. The smaller team will then be tasked with defending a small fortress from the larger invading team.

Winds of Change will also make it possible for players to experiment with new classes without starting a new character. According to a trailer released alongside the expansion, players can also expect other fresh goodies like new astral mounts. For more information regarding the full extent of the expansion, visit the game's official website.

Allods Online

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