Star Wars: The Old Republic to Show Galactic Starfighter PvP in Twitch Livestream

| 6 Dec 2013 17:52
Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter screen

Want to see what the Galactic Starfighter expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like, but you don't have access yet? BioWare has an answer.

Subscribers to Star Wars: The Old Republic have been enjoying the fighter combat offered in the expansion Galactic Starfighter since Tuesday, and while word-of-mouth may be a decent tool to building excitement for people who aren't subscribers, BioWare seems to feels a picture -- or at least a livestream -- is worth a thousand words.

BioWare plans to stream three hours of the PvP action via its Twitch channel today at 2 p.m. PST (5 p.m. EST), perhaps in a bid to encourage more players to subscribe to the free-to-play MMO so they jump into the action. BioWare isn't planning on letting another group of players in until preferred access starts on January 14 for people that have purchased items from the online store or are former subscribers. People who take advantage of the free-to-play part of the game won't get access to the expansion until February 4.

The Twitch Livestream should show plenty of action, with the development team offering some commentary on the action. For those that haven't been keeping up, Galactic Starfighter offers 12v12 action dogfighting, and if the gameplay even remotely resembles some of the sequences from the Star Wars movies, then the livestream should be fairly entertaining.

To recap the expansion -- in case you might want to jump into the fray -- check out the ship customization video below:

Source: Official site

Star Wars The Old Republic

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I've been subscribed for months, and still haven't checked this out... Sigh.

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