Destiny Gets Release Date

| 9 Dec 2013 16:05
Destiny Release Date

Bungie has announced that Destiny will be releasing in September 2014.

Just in case shooter and sci-fi fans weren't already excited enough for Destiny, Bungie's much anticipated online shooter, the studio has finally given gamers a release date to mark down on their calendars. According to a recent announcement, the game will land in retailers on September 9th, 2014.

In turn, the company has confirmed that it will be hosting a beta set to "kick off in the summer of 2014." Beta access will be available first on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. "The early support and enthusiasm for Destiny has been inspiring and humbling. We believe this is the right decision for our game, our studio, and our passionate community."

While the game is still a ways off, this is nonetheless exciting news both for Bungie and its fans. Destiny, in many ways, could be seen as an indicator of the future for the studio following its breaking away from the Halo franchise. While we're confident Bungie will be up to the task of launching a new franchise, we'll know for sure come September.

Source: Bungie


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