World of Tanks Joins Campaign to Raise Awareness About Child War Victims

| 9 Dec 2013 17:03
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Wargaming and War Child hope to have information about real world conflicts included in game manuals.

War in videogames is often made out to be an epic affair filled to the brim with edge of your seat set pieces, thrilling chase sequences and wound healing chest high walls. War in the real world, however, couldn't be more different, replacing the excitement of a deathmatch with the brutality real death.

That in mind, Wargaming, the developer behind World of Tanks, is teaming up with the British charity War Child to help advance its new "Real War is Not a Game" campaign. The campaign seeks "to have information about international humanitarian law, and about children in conflict areas on the website and in the manuals of every war simulation game."

It's a goal that could arguably strike some gamers as condescending, something that War Child is aware of. "We do not aim to stop all games involving conflict," affirmed CEO Rob Williams. "Rather we want to use the power of these games to educate huge numbers of people about the realities of war, and to mobilize them to use their energy and creativity to support children who are stuck in a real conflict zones."

Wargaming, sees this as an opportunity to use its position in the industry to do some good. " has been on the lookout for an organization that shares our belief that children are not only innocent but also our only hope for a better future," said director of customer relations Markus Schill. "Protecting children and helping them overcome the horrific conditions they are exposed to in armed conflicts around the globe is an imperative that would like to support." To find out more about the "Real War is Not a Game" campaign, visit War Child's official website.

Source: War Child

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