Star Citizen Adding Pre-Launch Organization Options

| 9 Dec 2013 18:17
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Star Citizen's prospective players can now form Organizations that will carry over into the game when it launches.

Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium have recently unveiled new pre-game organization options for Star Citizen aimed at letting backers and prospective players form groups that they'll be able to carry into the game when it launches in a playable form. The new organizations should help fans, many of whom have already begun forming informal guilds within the game's online community, establish and maintain those groups in a more official way.

For instance, the new organizations will be afforded a variety of perks including unique IDs, the option to select a group lead and a public group page hosted on the Roberts Space Industry website. Group leaders will be able to customize said sites with "their own logo, banner and background" along with a selectable preset theme.

Organizations will, in turn, be split into five different types. These will include: Corporation, PMC, Faith and Syndicate. Players interested in grouping up without one of these designations will be allowed to leave their archetype blank. Organizations will then be able to invite in new players and receive applications from hopeful users looking for a group.

Once a group has been formed and had its leadership established, said leaders will be able to assign ranks to its membership. While the titles for each rank will be customizable by each group, the lowest default rank will be Recruit with the highest being General. Groups won't be able to maintain unique names, but each Organization will have its own individual Spectrum ID.

Organizations will also bring with them new additions to the game's community including expansions to its live chat features. Organization forums, blogs, visual charts, calendars and voting are also in the works going forward.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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