Defiance Dev Details New Volge Weaponry

| 9 Dec 2013 18:36
Defiance Arkbreaker Screen

Defiance's Arkbreaker DLC will add new Volge weaponry including the Lightning Rifle, Thunderer Pistol and Typhoon AR.

Defiance's player base will shortly be gaining access to a new slew of content thanks to the game's Arkbreaker DLC which is set to release tomorrow. That being the case, Trion Worlds has recently released a posting showcasing three of the new Volge weapons players will gain access to when they purchase the new DLC.

To start with the developer's looked at the Volge Lightning Rifle which, according to its description, "launches cold fire warheads at incredible speed" and is designed for "sudden, quick ambushes." This was followed by a peek at the Volge Thunderer Pistol. The Thunderer will "fire warheads which briefly burrow into targets before detonating" which sounds pretty nasty/awesome.

Finally, the developer turned the spotlight onto the Volge Typhoon AR. The Typhoon will be an assault rifle that fires "quick, two-round bursts" of the aforementioned cold fire ammunition. These projectiles will then apparently "explode on contact, distributing their payload to a tightly concentrated area." We're assuming that that's something that doesn't feel altogether too good to be on the receiving end of. For more information regarding the full contents of the Arkbreaker DLC, head over to the game's official website.

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