Black Desert Dev Working on English Client

| 10 Dec 2013 17:32
Black Desert English 2

Screenshots have been released showcasing Black Desert with an English user interface.

Black Desert has consistently impressed gamers since it arrived on the scene with its lush visuals and promises of a truly open and seamless fantasy world. That being the case, the game has sadly been limited to Asian territories up to this point, leaving Western gamers to watch and wait for their turn to partake in its gorgeous world.

If some recently released screenshots are any indication, however, the day may be coming where English-speaking gamers will finally be able to partake in the Black Desert experience. The screenshots, which were posted on the game's Facebook page, show it in action with an English user interface.

With the game still in beta in Asia, it's probably too soon to assume we'll be seeing a version here in the United States anytime in the near future. That said, the fact that its developers at Pearl Abyss are clearly working on an English client should be heartening for the many MMORPG fans eager to give the game a go. For more information and updates regarding Black Desert keep an eye on its Facebook page or visit its official website.

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Black Desert

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