EVE: Online Adds Twitch Streaming Integration

| 10 Dec 2013 19:35
EVE Online Twitch Feed

EVE Online players can now access built-in Twitch options to livestream their gameplay footage.

One of the worst things in gaming is to do something spectacular and have nobody else see it. Sure, you might take some small joy from knowing what you accomplished but really, how lame is that when you compare it to rubbing your personal awesomeness in the faces of thousand of viewers?

Obviously understanding the importance of those kinds of bragging rights, CCP has recently announced the new direct integration of the Twitch.tv streaming service with its space MMO EVE Online. In the past, streaming EVE content required the use of outside software, a process that could be cumbersome. With the new features added by CCP, players with a Twitch account will now be able to initiate live streams via menu options added directly into the EVE user interface. The Twitch web interface will include useful features like a chat room and will also archive live streams for later use.

CCP, of course, stresses that the new Twitch interface is optional and that other streaming programs will still be allowed going forward. "If you are already a streamer and find your streaming software useful in setting up a more personalized broadcast, we don't expect you to switch to the integrated option," said the studio. That said, if players enjoy the current Twitch options, CCP hopes to "add features like overlays" and "information filtering" to enhance the experience down the road. For more information about EVE Online's new Twitch options, visit the official announcement at the game's website.

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