World of Warcraft Launches In-Game Storefront

| 11 Dec 2013 10:28
World of Warcraft In-Game Store

Blizzard has announced that pets and mounts can now be purchased via a new in-game store.

It used to be you had to leave the game to buy things like pets and mounts for World of Warcraft. Well, thanks to Blizzard, that's no longer the case. In a recent announcement, the company has revealed that it's put the finishing touches on an in-game storefront where players will be able to purchase a bevy of different mounts and pets without exiting the game.

To celebrate, the developer is also currently offering a 50 percent discount on said creatures and critters, hoping that the lower price will inspire its customers to give them "a good home." Of course, players who prefer shopping in the web-based Shop will still have be able to do so.

That being the case, with the new in-game options we don't really see why you'd want to. Purchasing a pet or mount now pretty much just requires you to click the Shop icon on the game's menu bar and "pick out a new friend to add to your collection." In-game purchases will also be delivered straight to the purchasing player's inventory or, in it's full, to the player's mail. To find out more about the new in-game shop, take a peek at the official announcement released to the World of Warcraft website.

Source: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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