DC Universe Online Will Unveil New Powers in War of Light DLC

| 12 Dec 2013 11:56
DC Universe Online War of Light

DC Universe Online will reveal a new Rage power set in the recently announced War of Light DLC.

A few months ago DC Universe Online players found themselves privy to the Songs of Trigon expansion which added a swath of fresh content and updates to expand on the game. That said, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that new DLC is already in the works to continue the game's growth and expand on its experience.

The new War of Light DLC, set to be introduced later this winter, will introduce a new storyline centered on the various Lantern Corps as they converge and clash in an attempt to reconnect with their emotional spectrum entities. Players, in turn, will need to team up with Hal Jordan or Sinestro to investigate colored mists that have overtaken Metropolis, affection peoples' emotions.

Besides this new story content War of Light will also add new gameplay features, including a new Rage power set that will work well tank style characters and can be utilized by both good and evil characters. Additionally, players will have access to new 4 and 8-player operations, new Legends PvP and new gear and collections. Part one of War of Light will be available for purchase at its launch via the PlayStation Network, the DCUO in-game marketplace or through the game's official website. Premium players will receive the DLC for free.

DC Universe Online

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