Diablo III Reaper of Souls Closed Beta is Live

| 13 Dec 2013 10:00
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Invited players can now partake in the new Reaper of Souls content for Diablo III.

For months fans of Diablo III have been chomping at the bit for an opportunity to try out Reaper of Souls, the much anticipated DLC expansion for the game. Now, some lucky players are getting that thanks to a closed beta test that Blizzard recently announced to be live and launched.

That in mind, players who have opted into beta testing on the Beta Profile Settings section of their Account Management page will want to be checking their in-boxes and email to see if they've been issued an invite. Once inside the beta, if they feel like playing as one of their pre-existing characters, they'll be able to create a copy of their various avatars once every 72 hours. Blizzard has confirmed that participants will have access to every last bit of Reaper of Souls, excluding the final boss fight.

Players, in turn, are being encouraged to document and share their experiences in Reaper of Souls with screen grabs, videos and however else they please. The studio, currently, has not announced an end date for the closed beta and, according to the announcement, hasn't yet "determined an exact date" for it to wrap up. In other words, if you find yourself lucky enough to be a part of beta, it sounds like you won't need to rush through its contents.

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