Anarchy Online Launches Winter Celebrations

| 14 Dec 2013 12:00
Anarchy Online Christmas Dress

Anarchy Online players will be able to take part in special holiday events until December 2nd.

Anarchy Online, Funcom's long running MMORPG, announced yesterday that it will be hosting a Winter Celebrations event that will run from December 13th until January 2nd. The three week event will include a variety of holiday and seasonal activities for players to enjoy, as well as some special membership offers that will remain available until the event's close.

In keeping with the Christmas season, the Winter Celebrations will, of course, see the return of Santaleet who will be visiting the game's major cities with his company of Elfleets in tow. Players interested in helping him can partake in activities that include missions centered around clearing hostile aliens from his workshops. Players will also be to hunt down the Elfleets to take their cargo of gifts for themselves.

Users will likewise have the chance to run into special Elfleets like the Gift-Wrapped Leet and the Gingerleet. The Gift-Wrapped Leet will be found under the Christmas tree in Borealis and will task players with helping him clean up after his recent spate of thievery from Santaleet. Gingerleet, in turn, can be befriended with "a little assurance that you won't eat her."

The Winter Celebrations will also feature some new holiday fashion, including a Christmas tree dress and some free items and pet. During the course of the event the game will also be offering players membership deals that will award free subscription time if they pay for six or twelve months in advance. For more information regarding the Winter Celebrations, visit the official announcement at the Anarchy Online website.

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