Firefly Online Rides Full Burn Towards PC and Mac

| 14 Dec 2013 18:50
Firefly Online Screenshot

Firefly Online is no longer a mobile exclusive, meaning PC and Mac players can get excited about the recently revealed concept art.

When Firefly Online was first announced, one detail that raised eyebrows was that it would be a mobile exclusive. That's not to knock mobile gaming, I enjoy Android and iPad games immensely myself. But given how popular Firefly has become as a franchise, Firefly Online could also be a huge hit for MMO players on PC platforms. Thankfully, this matter has been resolved well in advance of the game's release date. According to Quantum Mechanix, Firefly Online will also be released for PC and Mac with full cross-play support across mobile versions.

Being able to play Firefly Online on more platforms is good news itself, but we're also finally seeing what the game might look like. io9 recently presented an impressive array of concept art, ranging from ship designs, to character portraits, to off-ship locations. It certainly would be better to have more gameplay footage, but since Firefly Online is expected to launch in 2014, we shouldn't have to wait long for that.

Sources : Keep Flying & io9, via The Escapist

Firefly Online

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