World of Warcraft Launches Feast of the Winter Veil Events

| 16 Dec 2013 11:18
WoW Greatfather Winter

World of the Warcraft will run its Feast of the Winter Veil event from December 16th until January 2nd.

In case you haven't been able to tell by the drop in temperature and uptick in rampant consumerism, it's Christmas-time. That said, every MMO and its proverbial uncle have been hosting winter and holiday festivals and events to help spread the cheer of the season to their players. World of Warcraft, in turn, will be launching its own Feast of the Winter Veil today, complete a whole slew of special items and activities that players will be able to take advantage of.

For instance, defeating any number of bosses during the course of the Feast will earn you a special "winter's hat." Likewise, there will be seasonal quests available that will pit players against the "Abominable Greench" and ask them to rescue a reindeer. Players will also be able to visit Greatfather Winter who can found in Ironforge and Orgrimmar and boasts an ever-present appetite for milk and cookies. You'd also do well to keep an eye out for presents that will be deposited periodically under decorated trees in the aforementioned cities. Merchants and vendors will likewise have a special stock of festive items available during the course of the event.

Finally, the Feast of the Winter Veil will offer users a chance to earn up to 150 achievement points split across 14 achievements and 1 meta-achievement. Players will be able to earn the title of Merrymaker if they manage to complete several specific achievements, detailed in the official announcement. All in all, the event seems like a fairly robust offering of content and will likely be welcome for WoW fans hoping to find a bit of holiday cheer in their gaming. The Feast of the Winter Veil will run until January 2nd.

Source: World of Warcraft

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