Neverwinter Prepping Winter Festival of the Simril

| 16 Dec 2013 11:59
Neverwinter Festival of the Simril

Neverwinter's Winter Festival of the Simril will begin on December 19th and run until January 9th.

With the month of December continuing onward toward Christmas, MMOs continue to announce and launch holiday events to keep with the season. That said, Perfect World Entertainment, along with the game's developers at Cryptic, have recently unveiled Neverwinter's own Winter Festival of the Simril event, which will begin on December 19th and run until January 9th.

The Winter Festival will offer players a slew of new content to partake in and enjoy, including new gameplay modes, companions and even a new region they to explore for the duration of the event. These offerings will include special activities like the Twilight Run race, ice fishing, star gazing, holiday inspired items and a new Master of Lights profession that will allow players to collect the Lights of Simril and craft them into a variety of useful items.

Players hoping to partake in all of this wintery goodness can visit the special of Twilight Tor where they'll find all of the aforementioned activities. For more information feel free to hop over the official Neverwinter website where you'll find the initial preview of the event.

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