Infinite Crisis Adds Robin to Its Roster

| 16 Dec 2013 21:10
Infinite Crisis Robin

Infinite Crisis will be adding the Tim Drake's Robin to its roster of playable champions.

Infinite Crisis, Turbine and Warner Bros. MOBA based in the DC-Universe, added yet character to its ever expanding roster of heroes and villains. This time, breaking from the recent trend of adding variant characters, the game has injected a bit of sidekick into the mix via the second half of the Dynamic Duo: Robin.

In turn, hoping to provide the game's fans with a bit of a primer on how the Dark Knight's protégé will work in-game, the Turbine released a video running through his abilities and strengths in combat. Not surprisingly, given his role as Batman's backup in the comic books, Robin will be serving largely as a support character in Infinte Crisis as well.

While he'll be able to dole out his own damage, Robin has largely been designed with his teammates in mind. For instance, he comes packaged the ability to "mark" foes who will then take extra damage if they're attacked by an ally shortly after. Likewise, his Dynamic Duo ability will grant stat buffs to allies while his ultimate attack, Emergent Leader, will deal damage and boost the stats of nearby friendly champions. For information regarding Robin's addition to Infinite Crisis, check out the official announcement at the game's website.

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Infinite Crisis

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