Darkfall Patch Notes Detail New Sinspire Cathedral Dungeon

| 17 Dec 2013 21:54
Darkfall Sinspire Cathedral

A new patch has made some alterations to Darkfall and added a brand new epic level dungeon.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Aventurine SA's dark fantasy MMORPG was privy to a patch yesterday containing a whole bunch of nifty changes including the addition of a new epic dungeon, the Sinspire Cathedral. The Cathedral will be located in the Banegorge area of Agon and was apparently inspired by the architecture of real world Gothic cathedrals.

Scary looks aside, Sinspire will challenge players with a "dynamic door" system that will require them to perform special kills to advance. It will also feature a challenging mini-boss in the form of the Erodach, a high rank caster monster. The final challenge in the Cathedral, in turn, will be Sir Davosh the Damned, a "monster of the highest difficulty" that will use custom skills to devastate any players who challenge him.

The Sinspire Cathedral's addition will accompany a slew of other changes including new clan asset damage protection options. The patch also made a slew of other general changes including things like lowering the weight of broken gear, changing the base cost of conquest protection and altering the kick/ban options for clans. To see the full list of changes, feel free to visit the patch notes at the game's official website.

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DarkFall: Unholy Wars

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