Warhammer Online Officially Shutdown

| 19 Dec 2013 11:33
Warhammer Online

After fives years Warhammer Online is no more.

Warhammer Online officially shut its doors yesterday, bringing to fruition plans that Mythic Entertainment announced back in September. While the closure, in turn, likely came as little surprise to the game's player base it's nonetheless still sad to see it close after five years of growth, development and entertainment for its fans.

In the least however, the game's player base found itself privy to a few months of free play. Shortly after the shutdown announcement, Mythic revealed that the game would be going free-to-play in its final weeks. The development team also unveiled plans to send the game off with the new content made especially for its final days.

All of this said, we can't help but feel a bit bummed at Warhammer's closure. The game has grown a lot in since it's release and we hate the thought of that progress being squandered and its fans broken up and scattered to the wind. Then again, considering the massive number of MMOs out there, there are at least options for them to migrate to.

Source: Attack of the Fanboy

Warhammer Online

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