EverQuest Next Will Have a Longer Day/Night Cycle

| 19 Dec 2013 14:45

Creative director Jeff Butler says that EverQuest Next will employ a two-hour day/night cycle.

While perhaps not the biggest, most important part of an MMORPG experience, the length of a game's day/night cycle is often still an important part of a player's experience. That in mind, Sony Online Entertainment recently turned its roundtable spotlight onto the length and importance of day and night in EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark.

"In EverQuest Next we made the decision that day and night is going to be something that's impactful," said creative director Jeff Butler, discussing the subject in a recent video. According to Butler, the in-game time of day will have effects on gameplay and how players interact with the world. That in mind, the development considered "having a logner day/night cycle."

This decision was blessed by polled players who largely agreed that Next's day/night cycle should be longer than in previous games. Players, in turn, can last an in-game day to last about two hours, substantially longer than the 72 minute cycle that EverQuest 2, along with many other MMORPGs, currently employ. This two hour cycle, however, will not carry over to EverQuest Next Landmark which, according to Butler, will employ a shorter day to keep it in closer parity to other construction games. For the full rundown of EverQuest Next's day/night plans, watch the roundtable and visit the game's official website.

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