DC Universe Online Offers Free Legendary Access to Former Suscribers

| 19 Dec 2013 23:07
DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online's DLC content and membership perks are open to all former Legendary subscribers, even if you were a member during the retail launch.

DC Universe Online is a lot of fun today, but it's hard to deny the game had a rough first year. Flying, grappling, and being heroic were great fun, but you could max out your character in a week at a point where endgame content was somewhat lacking. DCU Online eventually adopted a free-to-play model and offered DLC expansions until its prospects improved, but lapsed Legendary members might feel they're missing out on new content. Thankfully, Sony Online Entertainment is offering a new reward to bring back its earliest supporters: Any players who were active Legendary subscribers from the game's launch to Dec 13 2013 now have free Legendary memberships until Jan 15 2014.

Assuming you were a Legendary member back in 2011, what does this mean to you? It automatically unlocks access to all 8 DLC packs, including the recently released Sons of Trigon. PC and PS3 players will also get 500 Station Cash or Loyalty Points respectively, with further injections for maintaining the subscription. Finally, Legendary players get 150 replay badges per month to reset their current loot lockouts.

The DC Universe Online Legendary deal should already be active, even if you were only a subscriber for a single month. The offer even seems to apply to PlayStation 4 copies, although naturally you'll have to transfer your PlayStation 3 account to the new console.

Source: DC Universe Online, via Polygon

DC Universe Online

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