11 Best LARPing Pictures From Around The Globe

| 26 Dec 2013 18:15

Some people have the will and time to create fantastical things. This is a gallery of such men and women that have created such amazing wearable creations, and immersive experiences, that they end up beating each other senseless with swords and sticks. So sit back and prepare for battle. With a special thanks to LARPing.org for the inspiration.

Elven warrior at the 2012 Czech event, "Battle for Middle Earth", even then they wouldn't help the dwarves.

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Hello! Inspired by your gallery, we Italian larpers have put together our own humble larp photo gallery... You can find it at this link: http://www.gdrzine.com/2014/02/03/ecco-a-voi-la-galleria-fotografica-sul-larp-italiano

Love the pics, but.....'from around the globe' ?!!!!

Nice pictures, but a bit too heavy on the fantasy side of things for my taste. :)

Here are my photos from Lovecraftian horror larp Terra Incognita (Sweden):

My pictures from Norwegian chamber larp festival Grenselandet:

Tuomas Puikkonens pictures from Halat hisar, a Palestinian/Finnish larp about life under occupation, run in Finland:

And for much more larp goodness, check out Nordiclarp.org:

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