Rumor: Google Planning to Stop Forcing Google+ Integration

| 27 Apr 2014 02:20
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Google+ may be on its deathbed following the departure of the service's head honcho.

Vic Gundotra, Google senior VP and head of Google+, recently departed the company with little explanation. While official details have yet to surface, TechCrunch reports that Gundotra's departure heralds a turning point for Google+ and how the social network ties in with Google's other services. And not in a small way - this may be the end of Google's aggressive efforts to make everyone use their social network.

Google+ has never been the most well-received of Google's services, especially after its mandatory integration with YouTube and other Google-operated services. If TechCrunch's anonymous sources are to be believed, G+ will soon be uncoupled from many of those operations as the social network undergoes some massive downscaling. In fact, it may no longer be much of a social network; TechCrunch reports that G+ won't be competing with Facebook and Twitter anymore.

The sources also indicate that some 1,000-1,200 employees who were working on Google+ will be reshuffled to other projects within Google, primarily Android. All this information, however, is pretty dubious. Google has issued a statement that Gundotra's departure will have "no impact on our Google+ strategy." TechCrunch seems to have faith in its "multiple sources," but there's been no verifiable confirmation on the intel.

We'll update you if anything substantial comes up.

Source: TechCrunch, via Ars Technica

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Just tried to make a youtube comment.

Suddenly popup appears where I have to fill in my information for a Google PLus page. So much for phasing this bs out. I can't comment now anymore until I hand over my details.

How much you wanna bet anyone who already went forward with the Google+ integration will suddenly find themselves locked out of their primary YouTube account? Because judging from how clumsily executed the integration process was in the first place (great job, YouTube! Now I have two accounts with the same email address, one that has all my history and favorites, and one that's actually allowed to comment on shit), that's how it's likely to go.

Frankly I wouldn't mind if they just wiped all of YouTube's comments and forced everyone to start with a clean slate. YouTube comments are second only to 4chan in terms of unchecked assholery on the Internet. And even 4chan threads stay in their own shit-stained corner of the Internet where decent people never venture and disappear forever after less than a day.

EDIT: Come to think of it, maybe they should just remove the comment feature altogether and permanently. It's not like it's going to get any better in the future.

I call bullshit on this, they'll keep pushing this crap till the day they die.

But hey, if they really want to show they care, how about you execute all those fuckers by firring squat instead of moving them around to another part of the company where they can do even more damage?

Or get the comment system working again on Youtube, because I'm still not able to use it.

A long time ago, Google set itself up with the mantra "don't be evil," which was probably sincere. At least before success became substantial. Steve Jobs once called them out on the bullshit of the phrase in a large corporate setting, and more and more he got proven right in hindsight.


if Google decides to risk economic viability to make their product better, i.e., if this rumor isn't so rumor-y, it may indicate a return to form. Wouldn't that be nice?

The one nice thing with google + is the ability to quickly and easily share photos i have taken on my phone.

I don't like my other stuff being integrated with it, why not just have it as an option on each service? then people could use the bits they like and not use the bits they don't , then everyone is happy

Doubt it. It's just a service that is included with a Google account.
Personally I like G+. I don't use it to interact with friends at all. I use it to interact with communities which it does a lot better than Facebook.

heh, the only thing i used google+ is for hangouts, pestering Jim Sterling with my comments and being on youtube for that few seconds till i switch to my normal username that i registered with (the damn thing always try to log me in with google+ first). While functionally its superior to fartbook and twatter, i dont want it nor i do want these two either.

Google+ getting shoved down everyone's throats is what finally drove me to rid my life of as much Google-related shit as possible, so in that respect I'm glad it exists. Other than that, it can go DIAF. It boggles my brain that Google's lackeys thought the tech community would be grateful to have such an intrusive system forced into their personal space.

Fuck off and die already, Google+. If the rumors aren't true today, I can only hope they will be in the near future.

If this means it won't keep asking me to use my real name on youtube, even though I've said no about 30 times, then fucking YES. Good riddance you piece of shit.

dont think i ever used google+ except for the ability to change my YouTube account name so i hope that sticks at least

I'm generally not one to get even remotely excited about rumors but this sure put a smile on my face. Integration made G+ a bigger pox than anything like it, surpassing even facebook's carcinogenic levels of bullshit in what seemed like an overnight sprint to the finish line of the Turd-a-thon.

Here's hoping, kids.


PS, if you're going to parade it's apparent death then that by all means gives me free rights to do the same for something you've loved in return, wanna treat me like that and I'll do the same in return.

Sure, as long as you've been forced to use it. I see this line of argument a lot with maths, some people love maths and yet it's socially acceptable to outwardly hate it. It's because it's compulsory. I don't care what people like in their own time and I'll probably respect their feelings about it, but you have to admit my hating G+ is not analogous to you hating something I like that you don't have to have anything to do with.

OT: I won't hold my breath, but Google, please, take a hint.

I'm more or less dumbfounded at this, the desire to "comment" on Youtube videos again, you're not being stopped from doing so at this moment in time and it's already been known that the comments section on Youtube are so vole and toxic in so many places, there's even videos about Youtube comments and how they are vile and then there's this:

Really not getting what's so amazing about the YT comments section, YT in general has gotten more and more worse over the years and for some twisted reason the people here are somewhat happy to be able to "comment again"?, what are you going to comment on a video where your comment will make no difference let alone will usually end up in some form of toxic debate, complete with insults.

Sure you can try to explain to me about how you find it pleasing to be able to comment on a video on YT but really it;s never going to change how toxic and vile it is, nor is it going to change my outlook so you're better off not trying as it'll get you nowhere, not with me anyway.

Thing is forcing someone to sign up for google+ doesnt mean those people will actually use the thing. I wonder how many dead accounts their are? lol

Fucking millions. That's probably the sort of realization that triggered this.

I hope the de-integration rumor is true, I still have my Youtube account and various favourites/playlists, but refuse to get a G+ account that I'll never log into.

It can't be cost effective for them to have that huge set up generating no hits or click throughs.

Thing is forcing someone to sign up for google+ doesnt mean those people will actually use the thing. I wonder how many dead accounts their are? lol


Alexander Kirby:
Really? It takes more than 1000 people to develop and operate a social network? What do they all do? I mean, social networks change things up a little like once every 6 months. Does that really need hundreds of people to make those decisions and write the code for them? I know they need A LOT of servers... but how many people does it really take to operate them?

Then again, knowing these large companies most of that number could well be their lawyers.

Lawyers, Janitors, the guy making the coffee every morning, the guy drinking all the coffee every morning without making new one,... not just the programmers, you know?

from what I've seen of Google+, I dont think they had any programmers to begin with.

But I hear they had no less than 5,000 pots of coffee ready at any given time.

I hear it's unlikely to die, I for one like using G+, back in 2011 I was invited to join when it first started off by a friend and made plenty in the process.

I love it because it felt like something different from Facebook it felt more alive and different, sure the integration later on was annoying but hey I joined G+ and didn't mind it so then I got the added benefit of being on YT and G+ at the same time instead of requiring two different accounts and passwords which did become annoying (umn Origin,Steam,Uplay accounts anyone?).

Hearing people rejoice to thinking it;s dying clearly never liked the service, didn't bother to look elsewhere.

Though if it dies, it;s not the end of the world, I'll most likely hop to a better SCN in time that isn't FB because I don't like what FB has become at all, it's just a putrid mess of ugly compared to what G+ currently offers.

With that said this new shuffle isn't going to spell doom and gloom for G+, I still see Google using it for the future, to kill it off entirely within a very short time would piss off a hell of a lot of people, Google shouldn't want to do that and neither should anyone else.

PS, if you're going to parade it's apparent death then that by all means gives me free rights to do the same for something you've loved in return, wanna treat me like that and I'll do the same in return.

except, you know, the people who didn't want to use Google+ were forced to if they wanted to keep their Youtube channels.

So, go ahead, find something that you don't like and will never use and when it's forced on you, then you can parade it's apparent death.

in the mean time, I'm going to parade Google+ the same way Rob Stark was at the Wedding.


Hearing people rejoice to thinking it;s dying clearly never liked the service, didn't bother to look elsewhere.

Err....I already had elsewhere. Almost every service they provide I was doing somewhere else already. Hell, the primary function of the social media was to rival Facebook, and I already have Facebook, and most of my friends use Facebook. Why would I switch to a service nobody cared about and nobody used? That's why they decided to force it, and that's why people are rejoicing. Because I doubt more than a couple hundred people would have cared if they hadn't shoved Plus integration into our other services.

PS, if you're going to parade it's apparent death then that by all means gives me free rights to do the same for something you've loved in return, wanna treat me like that and I'll do the same in return.

Even though (even) if this rumour is true (and it's not), the service isn't dying, they just won't be shoving it down our throats. That's not death, and it's not even "apparent death." Unless the part you like is that they're forcing integration on people that like it. In which case, I'm wondering what similar service you're going to find to celebrate.

Hopefully this turns out to be true! I still remember people claiming that Facebook was the new myspace because of Google plus. Google plus just got in the way of everything. Now all Google needs to do is to start fixing youtube.

I'd settle for them ceasing the breaking process. By and large, I have no issue with YouTube as it is. Well, the stuff they've done that are superficial changes. I remember when YouTube was a reliable player, though, and that's where I have issues.

Aw, and I just integrated my youtube profile! Now what will I do?

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