Network Downtime

| 24 Dec 2003 05:30

As a special treat, just in time for the holidays, fate dealt us a fun hand. Last night, ALL to early, a key piece of hardware that we relied on failed. Although we had specific plans to move hardware this weekend in the wee hours to better ensure our user experience, luck had a different idea it seems.

So, long story quite short, we have spent the day bringing all services back online on a new and improved set of servers. We wanted to wait till after the big holiday to announce it as a big PRESENT! Alas, such a surprise was not to be.

We move now into many days of family dinners, peace, harmony, forgiveness and goodwill toward systems administators. Please find it in your hearts to forgive and commend the few and the brave who have spent the majority of today getting things back online.

Our sincerest apologies for these unfortunate circumstances. We do hope the inconvenience has not cast too long a shadow on your day.

Thank you,

Trujkin McFixIt

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