Asherons Call: More Revisions to the News

| 5 Jan 2002 20:16

Last week we started a new News system here on the site. I'm sure you didn't notice much, but it was kind of a drastic change behind the scenes. Well after another week I've tweaked the system further. At the bottom of this page you'll find a search field, so you can search the news for an item. In addition, I've implemented the ability for only a teaser of a news item to appear on the front page, with the body of the article appearing on a seperate page. I hope that reduces some of the clutter on the front page here. If you have any suggestions on what you see, or worse, bugs, please let me know.

The next big step will be categories for the News items. The system allows for them, I'm just not sure how to use them as yet. Perhaps that will be next week.

Oh yes, I also finally fixed the Sho skin. Apologies for how it was goofed up on this new format. In addition, if you see some strangeness on the news for the next part of the day, I'll be playing with enhancing our Headlines section a bit.

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