Pocket Kindom WarCry Launches

| 15 Oct 2004 20:16

imageWarCry is proud to announce Pocket Kingdom WarCry, our first fansite dedicated to a Mobile MMOG! Pocket Kingdom is an online kingdom-building strategy game for the Nokia N-Gage with an incredible sense of humor, aimed directly at the players of other online games, especially PvPers! If you've spent any amount of time playing MMORPGs, you need to check this game out.

Pocket Kingdom is currently in a very limited closed preview state, but WarCry is there, bringing you news and information from the inside. You can find answers to the most important questions about the game, find links to coverage on other sites, check out the first stages of our databases, view screenshots, and ask questions about anything PK on our forum.

Please come have a look!

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