Asherons Call: New Minor Atlan Stones and "Snowmen" Quest Writeups Added

| 31 Jan 2002 14:10

Well, it's been too long; yes, far too long since we have had a chance to review our Quest section. And Whambo! You couldn't help but notice that there were some major omissions.
Well, Huzzah! Intrepid adventurers can now find basic directions to finding their own Minor Atlan Stones! (Yes, these are well-known quests and, yes, we know that your patron already took you to the Gazebo Vault and cast Jump Wizardry-VIII on you, and you got all the Major Stones, yadda, yadda ... These writeups are *not* for you, goomba! These are for the diehard questors, the ones who actually *care* about Lore! Yes, for both of you ...).
Oh, also, by popular demand (i.e., bossman said "Do This") we have written up the basic recipes for creating your own Snowmen. Our guess is that there are other types of Snowmen out there; after all, the ones you encounter in the wild seem to all be wearing Top Hats, but you can't buy such a hat anywhere! (You can buy a fez! Try using a snowman on a fez ...). At any rate, check this out and let us know about any other categories of Snowmen that you can find. In particular, are there any Jolly Snowmen other than the ones we know about?
Thanks for everyone's help (and pics) on this one.
Loka Wu, CoD Quest Editor

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