Asherons Call: The Siege of Tou Tou

| 31 Jan 2002 15:11

While we're all waiting for the Zone to get its act together, you may want to head to the Tales and Stories Forum. The Sho Man has produced a wonderful tale of The Siege of Tou Tou.

Standing in the bright noon-day sun, The Sho Man, or Sho, as everyone called him, was chewing and spitting out sunflower seeds onto the ground near the Bowyers. Tou-Tou looked exactly the same as it had since he had first ventured to it, seeking a place to call his home base after the collapse of his former allegiance.

Someone started talking to him about how disgusting spitting sunflower seeds onto the ground was, but Sho wasn't listening. Didn't he know they disapeared within moments of hitting the ground? The man was growing more irritated by the moment, noticing that Sho wasn't listening to him. Finally he stalked off, raising his hands in disgust. Sho just looked on down the street.

What's more, Gueron has responded with his own tale of Relief.

Mouko entered the Laughing Kirin, and sought an empty table. The waitress came up and asked him "Lord Mouko, what can I get for you?"

Mouko smiled. Few people knew his true position, though it seemed that perhaps the waitress did. He existed in a very small monarchy, but seemed to be in charge of the only active portion. He had not heard from his patron in months, and could only assume that Danielle and Ku had retired.

"A red tea, please, Hana" he said to the waitress, using a name that he knew she had. Hana blushed a bit, that he had remembered her name, and went to get his order.


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