Asherons Call: Warning: Subway on Leafcull busted!

| 1 Feb 2002 00:41

Reports are starting to roll in of people entering the subway, and then not coming out! Characters are now stuck, and people are not able to log back in. The rest of the game seems stable, so you'll have to do all your traveling the Ophelea way (by foot) until it is fixed.

Comment from Ophelea, who resembles that statement: Hey Now!

Update by Optim, who knows more then Ravlen: The Abaondoned Mines on Leafcull are exhibiting the same problems that surfaced in Qalaba'r the other night on another server. No doors, no NPC's, and most importantly, no portals!

Update from Keth, who wonders why he has so many Leafcullers on his staff: We've received some reports of it happening in many other locations as well. I would expect a restart for the server in the not to distant future.

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