Asherons Call: A Comment About Today's Shot

| 2 Feb 2002 04:28

I just wanted to make a brief comment about our current Screenshot. While we receive many screenshots of players reaching level 126, we typically don't post them on the site. Not to say this isn't a notable achievement, all those who reach it deserve congratulations, it just isn't as unique and newsworthy as it once was. However today I just put up a screenshot of someone reaching level 126.

"Keth, you suck," you might say, "Why did you put up that shot and not mine? What is so special about it?" Well ya see Laurianna up there is my patron, and has been for over two years. When I look back at my Asheron's Call experience, it is the friends that I'm taking away from it that have made the game special. I'm sure this is the same for many of you as well. To be honest, I'm still amazed at how it is possible to form real friendships and bonds with people in a virtual game environment. Why not take a moment and think of some of the people you've met in the game and the friendships you've made. I truly think that in the end that is all you can truly expect from a game like AC. To have some fun and meet some people.

Anyway enough gibber gabber, I am going to exercise a little executive privilege here and congratulate my monarch, patron and friend for reaching level 126!

We now return you to our regular programming...

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