FMA WarCry Announces "Create Your Own Alchemist" Contest

| 6 Jul 2006 19:14

imageHawkeye from the FMA Site (that's her on the right) sends us word:

FMA WarCry is giving away Internet fame and fabulous prizes once again! We're proud to present the Create Your Own Alchemist contest! This time, we're giving away a complete set of Blood and Water cards from the FMA TCG thanks to our friends at Joyride/RC2. By "complete," we mean everything from the commonest of Commons to the coolest of the foil-hologram-plastic rare cards you have trouble finding. Runners-up will receive a box of Blood and Water booster packs (24 booster packs in a box), providing ample opportunity to round out your deck. Winning entries (and others we find interesting) will be exhibited in the Hall of Alchemists we create on the site. Click here for more information!

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