Asherons Call: June Teaser, "Heart of Woe" Is Up!

| 31 Dec 1969 19:00

Heart of Woe

First, there is surprise.

The wall crumbled inward pinning Jarvis under a mound of earth and the living walls of the Hive. Olthoi swarmed through the gaping hole into the tunnels, shredding his companions in a matter of seconds. Jarvis struggled to reach his sword, but it lay just out of his grasp.

"Arikas, did you say that there were students within the halls?"

"Yes, Lord Master Asheron, several."

Asheron acknowledged the response with a nod of his head, placing the orb back onto the silken pillow and bringing his hand to his chin.

Second, there is pain.

An Olthoi stepped onto the rubble that pinned Jarvis' legs. Jarvis bit back a scream, but could hold it no longer as the Olthoi lowered its eyes to meet his. It was watching him, searching his face for a sign of understanding. Finding none, it hopped on the rubble and the man screamed again. A long pincer stretched from the Olthoi's back and gently touched the side of Jarvis' face. Jarvis was quivering now in a mixture of fear and pain.

Third, there is acceptance.

Jarvis resigned himself to death. "The pain will end soon," he repeated over and over in his head, as a pincer thrust itself through Jarvis' right shoulder and another pierced his left shoulder. The Olthoi pulled Jarvis from the rubble, screaming but unable to struggle. As the man screamed, the Olthoi mocked him with its own piercing whine.

"Then it is decided?" Elysa asked Lord Kresovus and Aun Hareltah.

"Our Xuta's shall come together and dance in unison. It is agreed." Hareltah responded.

"The Lugians of Linvak shall also come together at this great junction and support the common cause. Yet I must state that if trespasses continue on our lands, we will continue to fight." Kresovus spoke calmly and clearly without a trace of malice.

Elysa nodded and the three prepared to speak to their people.

Last, there is realization...

Jaleh al-Thani stood and smiled broadly as he clapped his guest on the shoulder.

"It has been far too long since last our paths crossed, my friend. Sit, sit; we shall toast to times past."

His guest sat across from him at the table and produced a cask of cider.

"Let us toast with this; it is from the cove." His guest spoke quietly.

"Ah yes, the finest of all of Dereth." Jaleh smiled and offered his cup.

...that betrayal comes from those that you trust.

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