Demon Sands and Faction Rewards added to DDO WarCry Database

| 19 Nov 2006 13:16

The intreped band of adventures, known as DWAT, has been chasing down more great loot. Check out these new items from the Demon Sands and Faction Rewards.

New Items
Unkor's Cleaver, Mysterious Ring, +2 Tome of Understanding, +2 Tome of Bodily Health, +2 Tome of Quickness in Action, Staff of Arcane Power, Chaosblade

New Spells
Spell Selection for Staff of Arcane Power

Also, I would like to take a minute and correct my previous news post about DWAT. DWAT is not actually a guild. They are a group of people that belong to multiple guilds, but have a common goal of adventuring.

As always I appreciate this great team of adventures and their sharing the spoils of their adventures with us here at DDO WarCry.

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