In Other News: Voltron Collection 2 delayed

| 28 Nov 2006 15:34

See what happens when Hawkeye takes a brief time off, I get to post the news. Well I am a big Voltron fan (yeah, I know I am showing my age). So I was disappointed to find this out:

Media Blasters' Voltron Collection 2 has been delayed from November 21 to a "soft" date of December 12. "Due to the unique art and quality of the collectible tins we have had a difficult time finding a timely source, especially with the continuing bumps in orders due to exceptional sales," Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing Barbara Herman tells ICv2. "December 12th became our target date to have Collection Two widely available to the consumer. However, product did start flowing last week and we now expect all accounts to have received some, if not all, of their orders well before December 12th."

The third Voltron Collection is still planned for a February 27 release.

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