DDO Database: Enhancements and More

| 27 Dec 2006 16:24

It has been awhile since we did a big overhaul of the database. Here are some of the new additions, more coming soon:

New Items
Crimson key, Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard

Updated Items
Spicy Fungal Gumbo, +1 Bolt of Goblinoid Bane

New Spells
Cure Light Wounds, Mass, Inflict Light Wounds, Mass

Updated Feats
Improved Critical: Bludgeoning Weapons, Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons, Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons, Improved Critical: Thrown Weapons, Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons, Precise Shot, Evasion (Ranger), Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Precise Shot, Weapon Alacrity: Slashing, Weapon Alacrity: Bludgeoning, Weapon Alacrity: Piercing, Improved Evasion

New Enhancements
Divine Vitality II, Energy of the Zealot II, Energy of the Zealot III, Energy of the Zealot IV, Energy of the Zealot V, Energy of the Zealot VI, Energy of the Zealot VII, Energy of the Zealot VIII, Energy of the Zealot X, Energy of the Zealot XI, Energy of the Zealot XII, Greater Devotion II, Greater Devotion II (Ranger), Greater Devotion IV, Greater Devotion V, Energy of the Templar I, Energy of the Templar III, Energy of the Templar IV, Energy of the Templar V

Updated Enhancements
Divine Vitality I, Energy of the Zealot I, Halfling Thrown Weapon Damage I, Cleric's Wisdom III, Divine Vitality III, Energy of the Zealot IX, Greater Devotion III, Bulwark of Good I, Resistance of Good I, Energy of the Templar II, Ranger Swamp Lore I, Greater Devotion I, Extra Empathy II

New Locations
Tomb of the Crimson Heart

Updated Locations
Orien Lightning Post

New Quests
Tomb of the Crimson Heart

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