DDO Database: Spells, Loot, and more

| 9 Jan 2007 10:01

More updates coming in to the DDO WarCry Database:

New Items
Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly Cake, Warforged Titan Cookie, Lamannia, The Twilight Forest Jelly Cake, Copper Fesitval Coin, Silver Festival Coin, Gold Festival Coin, Weather-worn parchment, Key to Above Decks, Left Claw of the Idol Halokh, Legs of the Idol Halokh, Right Claw of the Idol Halokh, Tail of the Idol Halokh, Key to Garl's treasure room, +1 Free Agent Healer's Kit, +1 Free Agent Repair Kit, +1 Free Agent Thieves' Tools, +2 Free Agent Healer's Kit, +2 Free Agent Repair Kit, +2 Free Agent Thieves' Tools, Arrowmint Leaves, Family Signet Ring, +3 Deneith Arrow, +3 Deneith Bolt, +3 Deneith Dart, +3 Deneith Shuriken, +3 Deneith Throwing Axe, +3 Deneith Throwing Dagger, Redwillow's Assistants Personal Effect, Redwillow's Research Notes, Warded Container, Redwillow's Missive, Unicorn Tailhair

Updated Items
Tome: History of the Houses

New Creatures
Blackbone Thrall, Troglodyte Warlock, Blackbone Marksman, Wight Myrmidon, Wight High Priest, Dwarf Necromancer, Halfling Necromancer, Garl the Grey, High Shaman Mak Murug, Earthshaker, Shade of Madness, Shadow of Agony, Shade of Despair, Shade of Hatred, Soulless One, Quarion Stormbringer, Gwydion Dogbane, Agent Westbrooke, Winter Wolf, Summoned Fire Elemental

New Spells
Good Hope, Displacement, See Invisibility, Crushing Despair, Charm Monster (Bard), Break Enchantment (Bard), Dimension Door, Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Otto's Sphere of Dancing, Shout

New Feats
Suggestion, Improved Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence, Inspire Greatness, Song of Freedom

Updated Feats
Spell Penetration

New Enhancements
Lyric of Sound I, Lyric of Healing I, Lyric of Deadly Sound I, Lyric of Incredible Healing I, Music of the Dead, Extra Song IV, Extra Song V, Extra Song VI

Updated Enhancements
Bard's Charisma I, Inspired Attack I, Inspired Bravery II, Inspired Damage I, Inspired Damage II, Music of Makers

New Npcs
Ker'xxan T'korcha

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